Teri Hannigan is a contemporary painter and  ceramic artist based in Topanga, California.  A professional graphic designer, she rediscovered her childhood passion for painting and working with clay in her 50s.

Teri’s artwork employs an empathetic, narrative structure to explore the inner and outer worlds of what it is to be human.  Inspired, whimsical, and cleverly executed, her art is embodied and spiritual.  Seductive and fiercely vulnerable, her art brings a lifelong conversation to light.

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Latest Blog Posts

Into the Earth

I’ve been out in the garden, planting. Digging holes in the earth, feeling how long it’s been since I’ve connected with the soil and unrestrained, living things. Suddenly, as I water in the new plants, tears flow.

A Change of Plans

One misstep can change your whole life.  

Kali in the Mirror

At the end of a tempestuous relationship, I asked myself, “What have I learned from this person?”

The Gift

I was waiting for a red light at the bottom of Topanga and Pacific Coast Highway, on my way to the Farmer’s Market in Santa Monica.

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